Rebekah is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Bachelor’s degree in B.A. in Fine Art with a minor in Psychology from Ouachita Baptist University. She received her Masters in Art Therapy and Counseling from Southwestern College in Santa Fe, NM. Rebekah has lived and worked in many different parts of Texas. She currently resides in Midlothian, Texas and commutes to the office in Dallas.

Rebekah has endless amounts of experience, which has enabled her to feel confident and knowledgeable when working with clients struggling with a variety of issues. She has a long history of working in the substance abuse setting in private rehabs. During her time there, she implemented Art Therapy and Attachment based interventions as well as family therapy with those struggling with substance abuse and their families during visits. Currently, Rebekah treats adults, young adults and teens, and children ages six and up. Rebekah aims to provide a supportive environment where real change can be made and maintained even after therapy has been completed.

Rebekah feels strongly about bettering herself as a therapist since her clients are looking to constantly better themselves by committing to therapy. Rebekah is a very well-rounded therapist. She works very hard with her clients to get lasting results. Her previous work history has enabled her to confidently work with clients struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma related disorders, self-esteem and confidence issues, addiction/substance use, family conflict, and eating disorders- including binge eating and avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder and mood disorders like Bipolar I and II. She also thrives in working with the LGBT-Q community and other minorities.

Rebekah takes an integrated approach and collaborates with her clients to individualize care. As an Art Therapist, she mostly uses experiential methods in sessions, but she also uses these theories and methods in practice: Attachment Theory, Client Centered Theory, Family Systems, and Gestalt Theory.

For those wondering what Art Therapy actually is? Rebekah has you covered: “Art therapy is mental health practice that combines visual art and therapy. Imagery connects to a part of our brains which words cannot. We often have practice filtering our words in a way we do not the imagery we create, which adds a layer of vulnerability. Often our big emotions and traumatic experiences are challenging to translate into words but come out physically or through pictures; think of flashback or nightmares with PTSD. Art Therapy provides a space for action towards healing.”

Rebekah truly cares about helping others find happiness and a motivation to be content with their lives. She is eager to hit the ground running with her clients.
For fun, Rebekah enjoys anything outside- hiking, kayaking, exploring. She also has a therapy dog who attends her sessions. Her dog likes art just as much as she does!